Nu Image Films (2004)
Adventure, Thriller, Action
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92 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Andrew Lee Potts Jock
Adam Croasdell Thom
Zahary Baharov Hans
Peter Gaitandjiev Eric
Kate Henry Katya
Plamen Manassiev Gunther
Jessica Brooks Callie
Kalin Yavorov Stephen
Violeta Markovska Anna
Steven Grives Alkin
Valentin Ganev Rogov
Nikola Dodov Karl
Michail Elenov Gregor
Nikolai Sotirov Boris
Roger Hammond Mikhail Zorich
Mark Roper
Producer Jamie Brown
David Varod
Writer John Sheppard
Cinematography Colin Munn
Musician Jacqueline Loran

It begins on a glacier nestled on a frozen peak high in the wild Ural Mountains of Russia, kissed by clouds, the top of the world. A lonely, forbidding place, it's home to THOM CUSSLER and brother, JOCK, a pair of transplanted westerners seeking their fortune in Russia's new capitalist economy. They run a hard-luck snowmobile tour business that takes adventurous winter tourists up the mountains to experience the ultimate extreme winter thrill. During one such excursion, a massive ledge of snow at the top of the ridge suddenly collapses and an avalanche crashes down! Only the quick thinking and expert driving of Thom and Jock saves them. The tiny village of Dubroz, nestled far below, is not so lucky. Avalanche sirens wail, but the panicked villagers barely have time to act as the avalanche crashes down! A wall of snow smashes into one end of the village, blasting-in windows, collapsing and burying buildings... Written by GFT Entertainment
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No. of Disks/Tapes 1