Indiana Jones and The Laet Crusade
Paramount Pictures (1989)
Comedy, Adventure, Action
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127 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Harrison Ford Indiana Jones
Sean Connery Professor Henry Jones
Denholm Elliott Dr. Marcus Brody
Alison Doody Dr. Elsa Schneider
John Rhys-Davies Sallah
Julian Glover Walter Donovan
River Phoenix Young Indy
Michael Byrne Vogel
Kevork Malikyan Kazim
Robert Eddison Grail Knight
Richard Young Fedora
Alexei Sayle Sultan
Paul Maxwell Panama Hat
Isla Blair Mrs. Donovan
Jeff O'Haco Half Breed
Steven Spielberg
Producer George Lucas
Frank Marshall
Writer George Lucas
Philip Kaufman
Cinematography Douglas Slocombe
Musician John Williams

Three years after he recovered The Ark of the Covenant. Jones recovered an artifact that he found as a kid, the Cross of Francisco De Coronado from treasure hunters. Now, Jones discovers the history of another biblical artifact called "The Holy Grail". He was also informed that his father, Henry Jones is missing. Jones has to find his father who is looking for the Grail. However, Jones will become involved in the search of the Holy Grail along with his father, as well as fighting the Nazis to reach it.
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