The Lost Jungle
Alpha Video (1934)
Action, Adventure, Mystery, Science Fiction
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233 mins USA / English
DVD  Region 1
Cecelia Parker
Clyde Beatty Clyde Beatty
Wheeler Oakman Kirby
Sid Saylor
Hal Talaiferro
Edward Le Saint
Warner P. Richmond
Ed LeSaint
Cecilia Parker Ruth Robinson
Syd Saylor Larry Henderson
Lost Jungle
Warner Richmond Sharkey
Edward LeSaint Capt. Robinson
Maston Williams Thompson
Lew Meehan Flynn
Armand Schaefer
David Howard
Producer Nat Levine
Writer Sherman L. Lowe
William LeBaron
Cinematography William Nobles
Alvin Wyckoff
Musician Lee Zahler

Clyde Beatty portrays himself, an animal trainer and circus star in this action film. Beatty leads a search for his missing girlfriend and her father who were on an expedition looking for a lost tropical island. Using a dirigible as his mode of transportation, Beatty and his band head off in search of the missing explorers only to crash their airship on the same island their friends are located. Battling wild animals and a gang of greedy men searching for gold, Beatty and his party must rescue his girlfriend and father all the while trying to escape their jungle island.
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